Welcome to Animal Healing Solutions!

Dr. Deneen Fasano, a licensed veterinarian specializes in holistic veterinary medicine for dogs and cats.  Our focus is on health and wellness, not just treating disease, and our main areas of specialty include acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicine and nutrition.  We work on a specific treatment plan that is tailored to your pet’s individual health needs.  This is done in a calm, caring and compassionate setting.

                                               We offer the following services:

                             Acupuncture                                             Homeopathy

                             Chiropractic                                             Nutritional Supplements

                             Traditional Chinese Medicine                    Glandular Supplements

                             Herbal Medicine                                        Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings

                             Therapeutic Cold Laser Therapy                Titer and Vaccination Programs

                             Dietary Planning                                        Aromatherapy