We are always striving to provide your pet with superior care.  Here is what some of our pet parents have to say about our practice:

Dr Fasano is involved and thoroughly committed to the ongoing care of my Boxer.

Ruth B.

DR. Fasano is beyond amazing. Not only is she's a great doctor ,but she genuinely cares for animals. We can always feel the good energy she has for animals versus focusing on abusive over pricing like other vets focus on. DR. Deneen Fasano is a true Angel to our family of pets.


Dr Fasano was Ellie’s first vet! I’ll never forget our first visits to her office. She is a caring and dedicated professional. I’ve relocated a little far from her practice hence we don’t go see her anymore but she has always been available to answer questions and concerns, promptly! Much appreciated Dr Fasano ❤️ P.S. Her healing gel is truly phenomenal! Will try to stop by soon

Ingrid P.

Dr. Fasano changed my dogs life. After a back injury, my pug was on 10 pain killers and muscle relaxers per day to keep him from trembling uncontrollably with pain. After two months of sleeping on the floor with him and literally tending to his every need, and he was not getting better. I was devastated. My general vet recommended Dr. Fasano, and thank GOODNESS they did. After one session, my dog no longer needs painkillers. My pug is walking unassisted and is able to lay down and sleep comfortably now. Acupuncture WORKS!!! I am shocked and was completely a skeptic!!!! I feel so lucky, and I look forward to many more happy years with my best friend now. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Kaitlyn C.

Dr Fasano has helped my little boy immensely. I also have learned a few things from her as far as food, skin and behavior goes. She is the only one from here to Fern Park. It was all worth it and my little boy has been doing real well physically and nutritionally. I love him so and could not handle him getting sick or losing him. All l can say is thank you so much Dr Fasano!

Stephanie P.

I really liked Dr. Fasano. She does not push tests, medication or what not. It seems like she truly cares for animals and their wellbeing rather than the bottom line. She is a holistic vet and I very much appreciate it. Thank you Dr. Fasano for what you do!

Yaki T.

Dr. Deneen Fasano has been treating my Chewy for years! The first time I brought him to her office Chewy had just been released from his regular veterinarian who couldn’t do anything for him and told me that the only thing left to do was to euthanize him! I took Chewy to her clinic the next day and she did acupuncture on him along with putting him on several homeopathic supplements. It took a week and a half but eventually Chewy got better! That was almost six years ago! Chewy got sick again this week and Dr. Fasano is helping him heal once again! I will always be grateful!!

Roberto C.

After thousands and thousands spent to find no cause for my dog's issue, I tried acupuncture. IT HAS MADE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. My dog likes to go to his appointments and he has improved so much. THANK YOU!!!!

Tracy B.

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